Why is it favourable to settle disputes in Riga?

A look at the map of Europe answers this question. Riga is at the crossroads of the most popular routes for the exchange of ideas, business, capital and labour force – from Russia and the East to the West and Eastern Europe, from Scandinavia to the South (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and beyond to Transcaucasia and Central Asia) and to the East and Southern Europe (Balkans). And, finally, Riga is in the centre of the Baltic Sea region. It is the largest capital of the Baltic States, the centre of business between various regions and areas of Europe and Asia.

Riga – a city with rich history and centuries-old traditions

It is in Riga that at all times valid traditions of business were established: from free Hanseatic merchants with their rules of business relations to businessmen of the twentieth and twenty- first centuries. Here, in neutral territory, there are centuries of traditions for the resolution of all disputes, including in business.

Eight centuries of European history have forever left a trace in the history of the city, where people not only of different nationalities and cultures but also of different countries live and work. Riga is a centre of international business and a place of respectful attitudes to those who are in business. Here Latvian, Russian, English, German, Polish, Yiddish, Swedish, Estonian, Lithuanian and other 40 languages are spoken. Here it is always possible to find company and leisure suiting all tastes. In 2014 Riga officially becomes one of the culture capitals of Europe.


The EU is not nearby, it is in Riga

Riga has a favourable location providing ease of travel to any point of Europe within 3-4 hours. You can get to London and Paris in comfort from the capital of Latvia by air in 3 hours, Berlin in 2, and Moscow in 1.5 hours. Riga is one of the largest ports of the Baltic Sea; its creation was blessed as far back as the 12th century by the Pope. All roads in the Baltics lead not to Rome, but to Riga. It is easy to get from here by car to any of the European Union countries, as Latvia is one of the members of this honourable political-economic community.

Riga is an extremely accommodating and comfortable city

Riga is a very compact and accessible city. Those who have visited it tell of its beauty and romantic charm; about the city-resort of Jurmala and coast along the Gulf of Riga. In Riga everything is nearby, everything is a stone’s throw away. And this creates a sensation of comfort: you are in an ancient and modern European capital at the same time. Riga suits everyone – from Europeans to Asians and Australians.
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