Why Us?

The establisher of the Riga International Commercial Arbitration Court is the society „European lawyers’ chamber” which determined the following objectives and principles of arbitration:

Our objectives

To promote considerably the efficiency of the resolution of disputes that arise in the context of regional and international commercial relations.

To secure an impartial settlement of disputes, including for parties with different legal, public and economic systems.
To favour the development of harmonious business relations and the steady reinforcement of the supremacy of law.

Our principles


The arbitration proceedings and arbitration court resolutions fully comply with provisions of law, arbitration rules and agreement of the parties.


The arbitration proceeding is transparent and clear, especially in questions of appointment and challenge to arbitrators, apportionment of arbitration costs and other questions.

Equality of the parties and controversiality

The parties have equal opportunities to express their opinions and to protect their rights, along with active and competitive participation in the arbitration proceeding.

Impartiality and independence of arbitrators

The arbitrator carries out his obligations fairly, without being affected by any influence; he is impartial and independent, and he is also obliged to reveal to the parties any circumstances that can raise justified doubts in his impartiality and independence.


All information pertaining to court the arbitration proceeding is confidential and without the consent of the parties it cannot be disclosed, published or given out to third parties.


In addition to the conventional advantages of arbitration, such as the speed of the process, flexible dispute settlement, confidentiality, the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, qualification of arbitrators and language of arbitration, the Riga International Commercial Arbitration Court possesses a number of specific advantages:


Accessible location in Europe, Riga’s modern infrastructure and prompt feedback.


High level of standardisation and automation allows us to manage arbitration proceedings most effectively.


Each of the dispute parties is given access to the commercial arbitration court’s portal, which, as well as providing additional feedback, allows the parties to work comfortably with their case materials from anywhere in the world and at any time.
Calculator of Costs
The calculator of costs on our site can provide an approximate indication of expenses:
  • EUR
  • Amount of the Claim: 155 450
  • Number of arbitrators: 8
  • Fees of the Arbitral Tribunal: 5 450
  • Administrative charge: 10 000
  • Total: 15 450 EUR
The total sum without VAT.